Welcome to your Cooperative Preschool! 
Open Enrollment is happening now for the 2015-16 school year. Please call and come by for a tour today!  
We would love to tell you about our creative summer camps also!              

Everyone buckle up... a simulated airplane ride is taking off ‘captained’ by a Dad pilot. The journey fascinates all of the giggling children and they share personal stories of their own adventures. Later they are off to explore worlds of playing doctor, building blocks with their friends and learning what colors can be combined when mixing blue and yellow with big hand swirls on papers that they will display on fridges at home.  Songs, words of encouragement, reminders of kindness and laughter ring out as bright eyed children rotate through various learning stations at their own pace.


Since opening in 1993, Little Feet Preschool has remained a truly a welcoming place for both children and parents to play and learn together.    Little Feet Cooperative Preschool:

  • Believes in play based learning. 
  • Is a caring community of parents. Meet other parents through our school gatherings, potlucks, group play dates, parent teaching and private parent website. 
  • Has a 1:5.3 adult to child ratio, the lowest of any preschool setting.
  • Requires parental involvement through parent teaching, organizing and operating the school, holding office, and raise funds. 
  • Has lower than average tuition.  Being a co-op allows us to provide lower than average tuition, without sacrificing your child’s education experience. 

Parent enthusiasm, talents and skills are an important asset to our school.  Our teachers appreciate and are committed to the positive role parents can play in their child’s school.


 Little Feet Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit entity, formed by local families in 1993, that operates under the umbrella of Parent Child Preschools of Oregon (PCPO). No ownership required. No church affiliation. Little Feet does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin.