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Co-op Schools

Parent participation preschools are different because parents are directly involved in the education experience of their child.  A coop preschool is a place where both parents and children learn new skills together and become part of a community of families.  


Parents have the opportunity to be with their child once or twice a month in the classroom as a parent teacher.  This classroom experience provides the parent with a valuable understanding of how their child interacts with other children and how he/she makes choices and moves through his or her world.  By helping in the classroom and participating in the parent education program, parents acquire skills in supporting their children and meeting their social, physical, emotional and intellectual needs.    


The Classroom operates under the direction of a trained teacher.  The teacher determines the curriculum and maintains standard procedures for the school program.  


The cooperative preschool is organized and administered by the parents, in addition to parent teaching, parents hold offices, work on committees, raise funds, and maintain the school.  Parents enrich the program by contributing their time, commitment, talent and skills. 


What will your child gain from attending Little Feet Preschool?
  • A quality educational experience 
  • An atmosphere in which curiosity and creativity are encouraged
  • The highest adult/child ratios of any preschool  setting
  • The chance to enjoy having a parent, grandparent or caregiver sharing time in the classroom, once or twice a month 
  • The opportunity to build friendships with other children and feel part of a caring community of teachers, classmates and duty parents
 What benefits will parents receive by attending Little Feet Preschool?
  • The opportunity to be an active partner in your child’s education
  • A better understanding of their child’s individuality by observing them with other children
  • Education in child development and parenting skills at parent meetings, conferences and through publications
  • The ability to have a voice in school decisions and policy making
  • Mutual understanding and moral support from other parents with the same concerns, interests and challenges
  • Memories of activities shared with their children
  • Lower than average tuition

 Little Feet Preschool is belongs to the Parent Child Preschools of Oregon organization (PCPO), more information can be found hereThe PCPO provides additional support and resources that parents can take advantage of  such as; yearly Early Childhood Education and Parenting Conferences, a network community of co-op preschools which meets monthly, relevant parenting and child development articles and board member training.